Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Candles In The Window

I turned onto the old gravel road
And remembered well the sound
It was time for me to go home
To the little cabin where love abounds 

Snow covered the pines and fence
My eyes were a torrent of feeling
Overflowing with need and haste
Winter would bring spring healing 

On past where the animals sleep
Frozen pond, gleaming in moonlight
Chimney smoke grants a welcome
Almost home, it would be alright 

Peace and comfort caressed my heart
Yet still there was the need to know
Then they appeared glowing bright
Three candles burning in the window 

A welcome back in every flicker
Gladness and delight filled my soul
I knew the love that lived inside
Jesus and Home would make me whole 

Christmas carols came from outside in
Songs of Baby Jesus and warmth of hearth
Brought the gift of redemption
That fell over a lost and breaking heart 

Judy L Wilson
November 27, 2012

Faithwriters Jewel Chest Winner