Sunday, August 5, 2012

Touch Of The Potter

I would rather be a piece of clay
Placed upon the Potters wheel
Touched by the Masters hands
Than bow to the worlds appeal

Mold me into someone useful
Who doesn't just walk past
And leave the lost and hurting
But a vessel tried and made to last

Place me at His marriage table
Fill me with nothing but New Wine
To be used and poured out again
Needing more from the Living Vine


Just place me upon the Potters wheel
Mold and make of me this day
A servant humble and yielded
Here i am Lord, just a piece of clay

Make of me what You will
I am willing to do all i can
But what i will always remember
Is the touch of the Potters hands

Judy L Wilson
August 4, 2012
All Rights Reserved