Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Need To Weep

The roots grew strong
They grew deep
But that did not stop
My need to weep

I’ve lived my life
Yes, at times it's been hard
Being, took the innocence
I didn't make it unscarred

I could not have been
Or grown to just be
A face among the lost
I didn't, Jesus set me free

He saved my mournful soul
There, is the need for tears
The Friend I found in Him
Is enough, beyond my years

Judy L Wilson
May 24, 2012
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Old Wooden Chair

I sat in the old wooden chair
Shaded by lovely spring leaves
Closing my eyes I began to dream
O' then the glory started to unweave

I was taken way beyond
To where heaven must be
Streets of gold came into view
But they meant nothing to me

I knew before i could see
That He was standing there
I don't know when or even how
I was in the arms of the One so Fair

Home, home, I’ve waited so long
He loved me so much and i could feel
Falling from His arms to His feet
Don't let me wake, this is so real

I think deep down i knew
That i wasn't really there
But soon He would come and take me
From this old wooden chair !!

Judy L Wilson
May 8, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Look Of Peace

He found her sitting that way
With it clutched  to her chest
A look of peace upon her face
Knowing she was being blessed

Something stirred inside his heart
To know the peace and joy she felt
So he sat quietly in her presence
And something inside began to melt

He thought of a day so long ago
When he held the very same Book
Memories put his hands to the sky
Weeping over what he had forsook

She opened her eyes and saw her love
She knew she would see him that way
Broken and believing in the Lord still
The Potters hand had turned the clay !

Judy L Wilson
April 28, 2012
All Rights Reserved