Thursday, March 31, 2011

Many Treasures

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Have you ever been told
I would give my life for you
Well I know a Man that did
One of great love and virtue

He offered more than riches
More than diamonds and gold
He did give me many treasures
A place to keep them and hold

He even prepared a home for me
A beautiful mansion, way up high
All He asked, was that I believe
No greater love, than He would die

When I go, He said I would live on
Free because of the blood He shed
Why O’ why did He do this for me
What a Saviour that died and bled

But do not weep, He is not gone
To not believe in Him is to forbid
No other would give His life for me
Until I met Jesus and He did, He did

Judy L Wilson
March 31, 2011
All Rights Reserved

No Time To Linger

There’s no time to linger, no time 
There’s plenty of Bread to share
With His table set before you
Come, while there is Grace to spare

You can eat and never get your fill
Nothing you do will ever satisfy
Like the taste and love of our Lord
He is Food and Drink you can’t buy

The Book of life is waiting here
Open it and feast upon the Word
Hear Him calling out your name
It’s the sweetest Voice ever heard

Can you feel your heart breaking
Does it sound like your surrender
Can you hear it, O can you hear it
He is come, your Savior, Defender

There’s no time to linger, no time
Put your arms around Perfect Love
Can you hear it, O can you hear it
Your glory name, from God above

Judy L Wilson
March 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved