Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bible Garden

It started as a small seed
Planted in my Bible garden
Sown in God’s good soil
A vineyard never hardened

It’s growth looked of weeds
Like it had no root at all
I began to worry about life
If it would grow strong and tall

I said don’t fret, let it be
The ground was prepared
The root was growing deep
God’s teachings had been shared

So Mama’s and Daddy’s
Don’t give up on the seed
It may look like it won’t grow
But one day they will take heed

You’ve taught the way they should go
The root is growing under the soil
Come morning you will see the fruit
And the labor of all your love and toil

You will see the Lord’s lovely bloom
The vine will climb toward the Son
And bring forth a harvest of blessing
The garden of salvation has won !!

Judy Lenora Wilson
March 26, 2011
All Rights Reserved