Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Watch Breezes

The tree stood so alone and bare
Winter had come to settle there
No leaves on branches ever thin
Then it happens, Spring begins

It took on green and life so new
Being adorned for me and you
To watch breezes laugh and play
Swaying to music, of God’s day

When winter of life tries to stay
Troubles never want to go away
Depressing thoughts seem to loom
Spring will come with joy and bloom

He is still here in Spirit and Truth
Sonlight shines on the sleeping root
The time of flowers is so very near
Rejoice now ! God’s spring is here

Judy L Wilson
March 15, 2011
All rights reserved

My Father's Daughter

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I don’t know why I feel this way
There is no difference in my life
So why did I wake up to reflect
I want it all gone, the pain the strife

I’m so thankful I have a place to go
When the world comes crashing down
All joy has hid and hope is so fleeting
I escape into the Lord and turn it around

Bathing in the promises of His word
He said, no more than I could bear
I’ll stand under the shower of blessings
Saved and uplifted, this child and heir

Singing in my heart, praises to the Lamb
Drinking from the well of sweetest Water
Replacing sadness with untold gladness
Happy and free, to be my Father’s daughter

Judy L Wilson
March 4, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Did He Find Roses

He walked through garden and vale
I knew it not, from the way He came
A crowded mind, thoughts impaled
Did I miss Him, only myself to blame

He came in the dim light of evening
Walked through the recesses of mind
Did He find rose bowers or bitter weeds
Was the Son shining, was anything kind

Pray He will come and find Himself there
In every place of heart, my Corner Stone
Not empty vanity, a self fulfilled haven
But a dwelling place for the King alone

He paid for the right to walk and talk here
Sometimes I act as if He never came
Shame on this child of the risen Savior
He died for me, no matter sin or shame

Remove care of world and all it’s worry
Mine King, my Lord, my Savior, Lamb
Come and walk in Your paid for paradise
I will let it all go, to be with the great I Am

Judy L Wilson
Feb 19, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Closer Still

The years are going from my life
Had I learned anything from youth
Or was it hardship to gain wisdom
Standing on the Word, God’s Truth

Would I have learned to hold Jesus
If I had sailed and played in the breeze
Laughed and gave no thought to heaven
Never learning anything in rough seas

Weep and grow as son’s and daughters
You will know when you have peace
He will give you joy and hope unending
His love will only touch and never cease

Hold on in your sorrow and turmoil
He will always leave an open gate
To walk into His garden of surrender
Wait upon Him, because He is never late

Holding Jesus, O’ Holding Jesus,
No matter what comes in your day
Hold Him close, even closer still
He is our life,the Truth and the Way

Judy L Wilson
Jan 31, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Pour New Wine

I can sing with the angels
I can talk with pretty words
If it does not give You glory
It’s as if , I’ve never heard

I can walk through my day
Do all I’m supposed to do
If it’s not done with love
Then there’s no glory to You

I can say, I love You my Lord
Do many good deeds, to gain
If I do this without the blood
Then all that I do, is in vain

Pour new Wine in this vessel
Cast out all that is born of me
Place me on the threshing floor
Leaving all that is born of Thee

Judy L Wilson
December 31, 2010
All Rights Reserved

Christmas Country Square

It’s Christmas time in the cozy country square
Green garland and pinecone wreaths abound
Redbirds playing in the snow covered boughs
Mr. and Mrs. Snowman are known, around town

Children skating around on the frozen pond
Everyone all bundled up trying to stay warm
Pies and cookies wafting through the cool air
Carolers greet visitors from the train platform

The tree big and tall stands proud in the court
Stars and tinsel, bows, bird nests, and doves
Twinkling lights of red, green, blue and white
Make young and old smile and think of love

Music of praise floats into the milling crowd
The church bells ring and all turn and stare
Mary and Joseph were walking into the stable
All need the reminder, our Savior was born there

Judy L Wilson
December 8, 2010
All Rights Reserved

There Grows A Lily

There grows a Lily in my garden
Reaching toward the Morning Star
Kissed by the dew of an early dawn
The whitest of the Flowers, by far

Delightful the sweetness of the Bloom
My soul lingers and waits upon Thee
To carry me away on the wings of love
In His presence is where I yearn to be

I will sleep yet my heart will waken
You are all together lovely to me
I feel Your love from the east winds
The Lily Of The Valley, I long to see

My soul desires the snow white Blossom
I am a fountain sealed , a garden a spring
Draw me after Thee, O my King, my Lord
Bowed before You, then my heart will sing

Judy L Wilson
December 4,2010
All Rights Reserved

Joy Springs

Sparkling glitter, this array of stars
One glimmers brighter with a glance
Brilliance of heavens guiding Light
From afar or near, put not by chance

Appeared in the east, this special sign
Joy springs , happiness has no ending
The Babe was born, Saviour and King
He is the Gift without all the spending

Birthed in humbleness and much joy
Reminders of love and giving foretold
The time of family, hearth and home
He is the why of all we give, not hold

Carolers will sing and bells will ring
Laughter, hugs and even some tears
Sharing in fellowship, remembering
Jesus is the same every time of year !!

Judy L Wilson
December 7,2010
All Rights Reserved

Mind And Heart

When You came into my life
I thought I was doing fine
Had my way of doing things
Now I am drinking New Wine

I was a fair weather kind of friend
Could give well meaning advice
Always there when I wanted to be
With Him, I have to think twice

What are the ways of my heart
That thought I knew how to love
Not so when compared to Him
Our God, with the eyes of a dove

I have failed and will fail again
But I can never walk too far away
He’s always there in mind and heart
Wooing me back to Him everyday !

My life is full of highs and lows
Sometimes, I think way too much
He said no more than I could bear
Being faithful with His loving touch

Judy L Wilson
Feb 14, 2011
All Rights Reserved