Monday, September 5, 2011

Crawfish, Crawfish

Are you a member of the fishy generation
Are you willing to help when there is need
Or a little crawfish, that walks backwards
Going against what our Lord decreed

What do my actions speak of me
The giving of ourselves to a brother
Spreading the good news of salvation
Or do I fall in the category, of other

I am sick and lonely, will you come to me
I have no money and I have nothing to eat
Crawfish, crawfish walking backwards
Lord I see myself, forgive my lazy feet

I can see the ugliness of leftover self
Examine all that I have not seen
Help me lay myself on the cross of Calvary
Dieing to self deciding sin, love to glean

Crawfish, crawfish walking backwards
Eating both the living and the dead
Knowing what’s right in the heart
But taking the world and it’s fun instead

Jesus, Jesus, all that is good and true
To see my faults is to see Your glory
So patient with this growing servant
If you’re seen in this, change your story

Judy L Wilson
August 31,2011
All rights reserved

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dress My Feet

I’m gonna dress my feet
And tell them to walk
Bathing daily in His Word
Filling my mouth to talk

The Lord will always keep
My feet from falling
He will Light my path
Exalting Him is our calling

He will keep my feet clean
Washing away sin and grime
Symbolic of His sacrifice
How He loved, even at that time

Following only His example
To minister to others in need
To become a humble servant
Always growing as God’s seed

Judy L Wilson
August 3o, 2011
All rights reserved