Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Than Lovely

There are many roads to walk down
This one takes me back to childhood
Walking down the familiar country lane
To the old home place that understood

Where the honeysuckle runs the fence
Pine trees whisper to the mighty oaks
Rain has a sleepy way of falling soft
The wind hit the sail of life’s cloak

To the loving kindness of my Mother
To the strength and forgiveness of Dad
To love that always had an open door
And you never went away feeling sad

Wildflowers bloom into every season
Content, wakens and takes on flight
O’ how wondrous, the joys of living
With our Savior that makes it all right

There’s more than this earthly realm
More reward than our guilty pleasure
A Savior that loved more than lovely
Keeper of the soul, and I want forever

Judy L Wilson
June 21, 2011
All rights reserved

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