Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheerful Melody

My old birdhouse in the corner
On a table that’s leaning
But the pretty little birds still come
Cause they don’t mind the feeling

Life may be rough around the edges
I may be old and you a little young
May or December, does it matter
It’s alright, when Spring is sprung

Living takes on a different hue
A little lightness in your step
I’m ready for pretty flowers
From the garden, with His help

Waking up to a cheerful melody
The glitter of dew and no ice
Drinking my coffee on the porch
God’s Springtime, O’ how nice !

Judy L Wilson
April 18,2011
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Second Cross

Where the flowers will bloom all year
Streets of gold you can see through
I’d like to imagine the way it will be
In my heart, I know it’s all about You

I can almost see You standing there
I long to know the Love of that day
When I walk forever in Your care
It’s been my good pleasure to obey

My soul weeps to know that love
And I will, when I lay at Your feet
Unworthy of Your grace and sacrifice
But knowing my reward is complete

I imagine loved ones gathered around
I’ve waited to see you for a long time
Oh how I have needed and missed you
Now we can rest, in this glorious clime

I’ll sit with my Lord in wonder of Him
The Man that died on the second cross
That stood between sight and blindness
He loved me and didn’t count me as loss

The second cross, O’ the second cross
Your saving blood, the Man of Calvary
Jesus, Jesus, I can only wait and imagine
When I walk into, the loving arms of Thee

Judy L Wilson
April 12, 2011
All Rights Reserved