Thursday, March 17, 2011

There Grows A Lily

There grows a Lily in my garden
Reaching toward the Morning Star
Kissed by the dew of an early dawn
The whitest of the Flowers, by far

Delightful the sweetness of the Bloom
My soul lingers and waits upon Thee
To carry me away on the wings of love
In His presence is where I yearn to be

I will sleep yet my heart will waken
You are all together lovely to me
I feel Your love from the east winds
The Lily Of The Valley, I long to see

My soul desires the snow white Blossom
I am a fountain sealed , a garden a spring
Draw me after Thee, O my King, my Lord
Bowed before You, then my heart will sing

Judy L Wilson
December 4,2010
All Rights Reserved

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