Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did He Find Roses

He walked through garden and vale
I knew it not, from the way He came
A crowded mind, thoughts impaled
Did I miss Him, only myself to blame

He came in the dim light of evening
Walked through the recesses of mind
Did He find rose bowers or bitter weeds
Was the Son shining, was anything kind

Pray He will come and find Himself there
In every place of heart, my Corner Stone
Not empty vanity, a self fulfilled haven
But a dwelling place for the King alone

He paid for the right to walk and talk here
Sometimes I act as if He never came
Shame on this child of the risen Savior
He died for me, no matter sin or shame

Remove care of world and all it’s worry
Mine King, my Lord, my Savior, Lamb
Come and walk in Your paid for paradise
I will let it all go, to be with the great I Am

Judy L Wilson
Feb 19, 2011
All Rights Reserved

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