Thursday, March 17, 2011

Christmas Country Square

It’s Christmas time in the cozy country square
Green garland and pinecone wreaths abound
Redbirds playing in the snow covered boughs
Mr. and Mrs. Snowman are known, around town

Children skating around on the frozen pond
Everyone all bundled up trying to stay warm
Pies and cookies wafting through the cool air
Carolers greet visitors from the train platform

The tree big and tall stands proud in the court
Stars and tinsel, bows, bird nests, and doves
Twinkling lights of red, green, blue and white
Make young and old smile and think of love

Music of praise floats into the milling crowd
The church bells ring and all turn and stare
Mary and Joseph were walking into the stable
All need the reminder, our Savior was born there

Judy L Wilson
December 8, 2010
All Rights Reserved

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