Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Golden Tree

How many grains of sand
Are there in this desert place
I know I was sent this way
To see such beauty and grace

Time had lost the day and hour
How many before me had seen
The Golden Tree’s yellow gold
A beacons glow in so little green

Mountains loom in distance vast
The valleys shadow in their wake
The Lords hand in a special chapel
Majestic in it’s splendor for our sake

Golden tree’s, Golden tree’s ablaze
So lovely is the frame of blue sky
Holding brilliance in fragile leaves
Mine eyes remember as I go by !!

Judy L Wilson
November 22, 2011

I just got back from visiting my son in New Mexico and i kept seeing this golden tree throughout the desert and ofcourse it was the leaves changing but i thought it was so beautiful and that inspired the poem.
Animated Heart

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet The Rain

Sweet the rain falling on the Rose
Caressing the green leaves so soft
Some say sorrowful the crystal flow
But joy to me in this intimate loft

Raindrops that touch, to bow the leaf
How gentle the Saviour in His Grace
Weathering the bloom to endurance
Blossoms of love, a harbored embrace

Summer’s swelter and lengthened days
Brings insatiable hunger and more thirst
Send Your Holy rain on this wilted Rose
O’ God of heaven Who is Last and First

Watch the blossom sparkle of blessing
Wafting sweet perfume of His holy love
Misty the morning of midnight showers
Beautiful the glory of our God above !!

Judy L Wilson
October 20, 2011
All rights reserved

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crawfish, Crawfish

Are you a member of the fishy generation
Are you willing to help when there is need
Or a little crawfish, that walks backwards
Going against what our Lord decreed

What do my actions speak of me
The giving of ourselves to a brother
Spreading the good news of salvation
Or do I fall in the category, of other

I am sick and lonely, will you come to me
I have no money and I have nothing to eat
Crawfish, crawfish walking backwards
Lord I see myself, forgive my lazy feet

I can see the ugliness of leftover self
Examine all that I have not seen
Help me lay myself on the cross of Calvary
Dieing to self deciding sin, love to glean

Crawfish, crawfish walking backwards
Eating both the living and the dead
Knowing what’s right in the heart
But taking the world and it’s fun instead

Jesus, Jesus, all that is good and true
To see my faults is to see Your glory
So patient with this growing servant
If you’re seen in this, change your story

Judy L Wilson
August 31,2011
All rights reserved

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dress My Feet

I’m gonna dress my feet
And tell them to walk
Bathing daily in His Word
Filling my mouth to talk

The Lord will always keep
My feet from falling
He will Light my path
Exalting Him is our calling

He will keep my feet clean
Washing away sin and grime
Symbolic of His sacrifice
How He loved, even at that time

Following only His example
To minister to others in need
To become a humble servant
Always growing as God’s seed

Judy L Wilson
August 3o, 2011
All rights reserved

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beams And Splinters

More clear sighted that the eagle
Piercing eyes that can see others
Giving correction upon their person
Casting self righteousness on a brother

Ready to find fault on a falling friend
Making oneself both judge and jury
Trying to restore without seeing thyself
Results in a backlash of loathsome fury

Forgive the beam in me and not be aware
A heartbreaking place of soul and heart
Not paying heed to faults in ourselves
When others could see them, from start

Beams and splinters a lesson learned
Judge my own acts and sin to reform
Letting myself be found above reproach
Living Jesus, committed safe and warm

Judy L Wilson
August 25,2011
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rainbow Water

I sat beside the running brook
So cool and crystal clear
Thinking of the Living Water
Knowing, He is ever near

Solace for this weary heart
To see this water spring and run
Listening to wind kiss the trees
Beauty amidst the setting sun

Tiny droplets of rainbow water
Bounce from mossy rock green
The sun rays a gleaming hue
Feeding the eyes to glean

Welcome shade from canopy high
Eyes closed reflecting upon Him
A place to think and gather
Underneath Gods hanging limb

Judy L Wilson
August 20,2011
All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last Sacrifice

I sat beside the running brook
So cool and crystal clear
Thinking of the Living Water
Knowing, He is ever near

Solace for this weary heart
To see this water spring and run
Listening to wind kiss the trees
Beauty amidst the setting sun

Tiny droplets of rainbow water
Bounce from mossy rock green
The sun rays a gleaming hue
Feeding the eyes to glean

Welcome shade from canopy high
Eyes closed reflecting upon Him
A place to think and gather
Underneath Gods hanging limb

Judy L Wilson
August 20,2011
All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty To Perform

God sent something beautiful today
Right in the midst of a raging storm
Crepe Myrtle blossoms falling like snow
Pink, white and lilac, beauty to perform

They floated before my very eyes
And blew down the street in waves
Dancing and playing in a river of joy
Delicate beauty on the ugliest of days

Rage storm rage, but please let them stay
I needed the wonder of Your handiwork
You know how to sooth a breaking heart
With simple pleasure to take away hurt

Wondrous the majesty of Your creation
The power to calm an angry frothing sea
Then send delicate blossoms in a gale
To please and comfort a soul like me !!

Judy L Wilson
August 4, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Monday, August 1, 2011

Water Lily

Lovely grows the Water Lily
Roots growing strong and deep
Beneath pool of enduring water
Beauty the bud, awaken from sleep

Like our Lord, the Living Water
Our growth depends upon Him
Bringing forth born again blooms
Sweet joy that comes from them

Some only bloom during the day
Others choose both day and night
God says to be in season and out
This being , our Christian flight

Flower, our beautiful Water Lily
To gaze upon with humble pleasure
Floating on your crystal water bed
Another gift from God to treasure

Judy L Wilson
August 1, 2011

Inspired by a friends beautiful photo of a Water Lily.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Than Lovely

Wow Gerti, you did an awesome job and i am so proud of it !!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Than Lovely

There are many roads to walk down
This one takes me back to childhood
Walking down the familiar country lane
To the old home place that understood

Where the honeysuckle runs the fence
Pine trees whisper to the mighty oaks
Rain has a sleepy way of falling soft
The wind hit the sail of life’s cloak

To the loving kindness of my Mother
To the strength and forgiveness of Dad
To love that always had an open door
And you never went away feeling sad

Wildflowers bloom into every season
Content, wakens and takes on flight
O’ how wondrous, the joys of living
With our Savior that makes it all right

There’s more than this earthly realm
More reward than our guilty pleasure
A Savior that loved more than lovely
Keeper of the soul, and I want forever

Judy L Wilson
June 21, 2011
All rights reserved

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheerful Melody

My old birdhouse in the corner
On a table that’s leaning
But the pretty little birds still come
Cause they don’t mind the feeling

Life may be rough around the edges
I may be old and you a little young
May or December, does it matter
It’s alright, when Spring is sprung

Living takes on a different hue
A little lightness in your step
I’m ready for pretty flowers
From the garden, with His help

Waking up to a cheerful melody
The glitter of dew and no ice
Drinking my coffee on the porch
God’s Springtime, O’ how nice !

Judy L Wilson
April 18,2011
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Second Cross

Where the flowers will bloom all year
Streets of gold you can see through
I’d like to imagine the way it will be
In my heart, I know it’s all about You

I can almost see You standing there
I long to know the Love of that day
When I walk forever in Your care
It’s been my good pleasure to obey

My soul weeps to know that love
And I will, when I lay at Your feet
Unworthy of Your grace and sacrifice
But knowing my reward is complete

I imagine loved ones gathered around
I’ve waited to see you for a long time
Oh how I have needed and missed you
Now we can rest, in this glorious clime

I’ll sit with my Lord in wonder of Him
The Man that died on the second cross
That stood between sight and blindness
He loved me and didn’t count me as loss

The second cross, O’ the second cross
Your saving blood, the Man of Calvary
Jesus, Jesus, I can only wait and imagine
When I walk into, the loving arms of Thee

Judy L Wilson
April 12, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Many Treasures

Dividers Pictures, Images and Photos
Have you ever been told
I would give my life for you
Well I know a Man that did
One of great love and virtue

He offered more than riches
More than diamonds and gold
He did give me many treasures
A place to keep them and hold

He even prepared a home for me
A beautiful mansion, way up high
All He asked, was that I believe
No greater love, than He would die

When I go, He said I would live on
Free because of the blood He shed
Why O’ why did He do this for me
What a Saviour that died and bled

But do not weep, He is not gone
To not believe in Him is to forbid
No other would give His life for me
Until I met Jesus and He did, He did

Judy L Wilson
March 31, 2011
All Rights Reserved

No Time To Linger

There’s no time to linger, no time 
There’s plenty of Bread to share
With His table set before you
Come, while there is Grace to spare

You can eat and never get your fill
Nothing you do will ever satisfy
Like the taste and love of our Lord
He is Food and Drink you can’t buy

The Book of life is waiting here
Open it and feast upon the Word
Hear Him calling out your name
It’s the sweetest Voice ever heard

Can you feel your heart breaking
Does it sound like your surrender
Can you hear it, O can you hear it
He is come, your Savior, Defender

There’s no time to linger, no time
Put your arms around Perfect Love
Can you hear it, O can you hear it
Your glory name, from God above

Judy L Wilson
March 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Your Touch

DIVIDERS Pictures, Images and Photos
Lord I am asking for Your touch
I know that we all have need
To walk upright in Your ways
Lord just one touch, I plead

I can’t seem to get it all right
But I know I’m in the right place
I am nothing, without Your cross
I need You Lord, to run this race

Guide me Lord, show me the way
Pour out upon me Your blessings
The desire to be a obedient child
I want all there is, I’m confessing

I don’t want to walk on my own
Change the sinful nature of me
Help me to be a child of God
Just one touch Lord, I need Thee

You are all powerful and forgiving
You are able to give all I require
You are the King and heart of life
To serve and love You, is all I desire

Judy L Wilson
March 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bible Garden

It started as a small seed
Planted in my Bible garden
Sown in God’s good soil
A vineyard never hardened

It’s growth looked of weeds
Like it had no root at all
I began to worry about life
If it would grow strong and tall

I said don’t fret, let it be
The ground was prepared
The root was growing deep
God’s teachings had been shared

So Mama’s and Daddy’s
Don’t give up on the seed
It may look like it won’t grow
But one day they will take heed

You’ve taught the way they should go
The root is growing under the soil
Come morning you will see the fruit
And the labor of all your love and toil

You will see the Lord’s lovely bloom
The vine will climb toward the Son
And bring forth a harvest of blessing
The garden of salvation has won !!

Judy Lenora Wilson
March 26, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hold The Beauty

Troublesome times are no excuse
To want to go and leave this earth
They are a reason to grow closer
Living stronger in Him, a rebirth

Have I lived my life, living Him
I’m afraid sometimes I live, me
My life was not mine from start
I belong to Him, where I need to be

Someday He will come , I will go
I have to wait, be patient, forebear
Nothing will ever hold the beauty
Until I see Him and walk with Him there

Every pain, every heartache, gone
Life had been, only a fleeting vapor
To be forever with the Lamb of God
Saved, loved, now I live and savor!

Judy L Wilson
March 25, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Watch Breezes

The tree stood so alone and bare
Winter had come to settle there
No leaves on branches ever thin
Then it happens, Spring begins

It took on green and life so new
Being adorned for me and you
To watch breezes laugh and play
Swaying to music, of God’s day

When winter of life tries to stay
Troubles never want to go away
Depressing thoughts seem to loom
Spring will come with joy and bloom

He is still here in Spirit and Truth
Sonlight shines on the sleeping root
The time of flowers is so very near
Rejoice now ! God’s spring is here

Judy L Wilson
March 15, 2011
All rights reserved

My Father's Daughter

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I don’t know why I feel this way
There is no difference in my life
So why did I wake up to reflect
I want it all gone, the pain the strife

I’m so thankful I have a place to go
When the world comes crashing down
All joy has hid and hope is so fleeting
I escape into the Lord and turn it around

Bathing in the promises of His word
He said, no more than I could bear
I’ll stand under the shower of blessings
Saved and uplifted, this child and heir

Singing in my heart, praises to the Lamb
Drinking from the well of sweetest Water
Replacing sadness with untold gladness
Happy and free, to be my Father’s daughter

Judy L Wilson
March 4, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Did He Find Roses

He walked through garden and vale
I knew it not, from the way He came
A crowded mind, thoughts impaled
Did I miss Him, only myself to blame

He came in the dim light of evening
Walked through the recesses of mind
Did He find rose bowers or bitter weeds
Was the Son shining, was anything kind

Pray He will come and find Himself there
In every place of heart, my Corner Stone
Not empty vanity, a self fulfilled haven
But a dwelling place for the King alone

He paid for the right to walk and talk here
Sometimes I act as if He never came
Shame on this child of the risen Savior
He died for me, no matter sin or shame

Remove care of world and all it’s worry
Mine King, my Lord, my Savior, Lamb
Come and walk in Your paid for paradise
I will let it all go, to be with the great I Am

Judy L Wilson
Feb 19, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Closer Still

The years are going from my life
Had I learned anything from youth
Or was it hardship to gain wisdom
Standing on the Word, God’s Truth

Would I have learned to hold Jesus
If I had sailed and played in the breeze
Laughed and gave no thought to heaven
Never learning anything in rough seas

Weep and grow as son’s and daughters
You will know when you have peace
He will give you joy and hope unending
His love will only touch and never cease

Hold on in your sorrow and turmoil
He will always leave an open gate
To walk into His garden of surrender
Wait upon Him, because He is never late

Holding Jesus, O’ Holding Jesus,
No matter what comes in your day
Hold Him close, even closer still
He is our life,the Truth and the Way

Judy L Wilson
Jan 31, 2011
All Rights Reserved

Pour New Wine

I can sing with the angels
I can talk with pretty words
If it does not give You glory
It’s as if , I’ve never heard

I can walk through my day
Do all I’m supposed to do
If it’s not done with love
Then there’s no glory to You

I can say, I love You my Lord
Do many good deeds, to gain
If I do this without the blood
Then all that I do, is in vain

Pour new Wine in this vessel
Cast out all that is born of me
Place me on the threshing floor
Leaving all that is born of Thee

Judy L Wilson
December 31, 2010
All Rights Reserved

Christmas Country Square

It’s Christmas time in the cozy country square
Green garland and pinecone wreaths abound
Redbirds playing in the snow covered boughs
Mr. and Mrs. Snowman are known, around town

Children skating around on the frozen pond
Everyone all bundled up trying to stay warm
Pies and cookies wafting through the cool air
Carolers greet visitors from the train platform

The tree big and tall stands proud in the court
Stars and tinsel, bows, bird nests, and doves
Twinkling lights of red, green, blue and white
Make young and old smile and think of love

Music of praise floats into the milling crowd
The church bells ring and all turn and stare
Mary and Joseph were walking into the stable
All need the reminder, our Savior was born there

Judy L Wilson
December 8, 2010
All Rights Reserved

There Grows A Lily

There grows a Lily in my garden
Reaching toward the Morning Star
Kissed by the dew of an early dawn
The whitest of the Flowers, by far

Delightful the sweetness of the Bloom
My soul lingers and waits upon Thee
To carry me away on the wings of love
In His presence is where I yearn to be

I will sleep yet my heart will waken
You are all together lovely to me
I feel Your love from the east winds
The Lily Of The Valley, I long to see

My soul desires the snow white Blossom
I am a fountain sealed , a garden a spring
Draw me after Thee, O my King, my Lord
Bowed before You, then my heart will sing

Judy L Wilson
December 4,2010
All Rights Reserved

Joy Springs

Sparkling glitter, this array of stars
One glimmers brighter with a glance
Brilliance of heavens guiding Light
From afar or near, put not by chance

Appeared in the east, this special sign
Joy springs , happiness has no ending
The Babe was born, Saviour and King
He is the Gift without all the spending

Birthed in humbleness and much joy
Reminders of love and giving foretold
The time of family, hearth and home
He is the why of all we give, not hold

Carolers will sing and bells will ring
Laughter, hugs and even some tears
Sharing in fellowship, remembering
Jesus is the same every time of year !!

Judy L Wilson
December 7,2010
All Rights Reserved

Mind And Heart

When You came into my life
I thought I was doing fine
Had my way of doing things
Now I am drinking New Wine

I was a fair weather kind of friend
Could give well meaning advice
Always there when I wanted to be
With Him, I have to think twice

What are the ways of my heart
That thought I knew how to love
Not so when compared to Him
Our God, with the eyes of a dove

I have failed and will fail again
But I can never walk too far away
He’s always there in mind and heart
Wooing me back to Him everyday !

My life is full of highs and lows
Sometimes, I think way too much
He said no more than I could bear
Being faithful with His loving touch

Judy L Wilson
Feb 14, 2011
All Rights Reserved