Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Before Morning Comes

Before morning comes and the Son shines
Darkness of night, when the shadows fall
Unborn thoughts and dreams cry for relief
Woven into birth, Scarlet Thread's to us all

My sin has taken away your glory covering
I hid among the world and all it’s temptation
 We will never know what you went through
The shedding of Your blood for our salvation

You covered my sin and made new garments
Scarlet Threads made of love and sacrifice
A Royal gift , given by Your amazing mercy
The Lord has provided for my soul and life

The Blood cry’s out, O’ the Blood cry’s out
From the first of sin, to yours and to mine
You did it all, and I never knew, until now
Innocence died and united me with the Vine

Judy L Wilson
Oct 19, 2010