Friday, September 10, 2010

Here I Stand

Purple Flowers,Flowers

I stood in the middle of the square
My head and hands bound in stock
With a heavy yoke upon my back
Feet bound in chains with no lock

Standing there all alone in my blame
Darkness was falling with it’s fears
There was no one around to find me
My midnight hour, shed many tears

Is there anyone to help in this place
Here I stand, for all the world to see
Found guilty and condemned by man
Where do I go or turn to in my plea

From somewhere hidden in my mind
A distant childhood memory came
Someone called Jesus could set me free
Deliver me from sin and all my shame

The yoke came flying from my back
Bound feet now follow a different path
My head and hands lift toward heaven
Saved by His blood , giving all He had

Judy L Wilson
Sept - 9 - 20
All Rights Reserved