Saturday, October 23, 2010

Death O' Death

In between the Rock of my life
Deep crevices where sins hide
Fissures breach and overflow
Heart, mind and soul divides

Sinew wanes under the guile
The eye drinks in and retains
The mind recalls every malice
Rebellion, the sins of Cain

Death O’ death come swiftly
Lay to rest that which is me !
I reek of stench, rotten decay
Die self, to gain more of Thee

The power of I means nothing
Bring back my innocent youth
Place Your cross upon my heart
Restoring Thy power and truth

Judy L Wilson
Oct 20,2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Before Morning Comes

Before morning comes and the Son shines
Darkness of night, when the shadows fall
Unborn thoughts and dreams cry for relief
Woven into birth, Scarlet Thread's to us all

My sin has taken away your glory covering
I hid among the world and all it’s temptation
 We will never know what you went through
The shedding of Your blood for our salvation

You covered my sin and made new garments
Scarlet Threads made of love and sacrifice
A Royal gift , given by Your amazing mercy
The Lord has provided for my soul and life

The Blood cry’s out, O’ the Blood cry’s out
From the first of sin, to yours and to mine
You did it all, and I never knew, until now
Innocence died and united me with the Vine

Judy L Wilson
Oct 19, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shades Of Wonder

Whispering pines, gentleness of air
Tree’s yield floating hue of leaves
We live at one time, only for a time
Vanishing quickly , like the breeze

Autumn lanes crown the welcome
A beautiful compliment to season
Pumpkins lend their orange yellow
Shades of wonder are His reason

Creation displays in marvel for you
Few believe, their isn’t a God above
Changing of occasion or your goal
Never deny the elegance of His love

Sprinkling rain enhances the view
Showers that water soul and earth
To the morning, pearly drops renew
Awakening fallow life and rebirth !

Judy L Wilson
October 8- 2010