Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eye's Wide Open

You can’t change a line or a Word
This is not a poem to make it flow
Rhyme or rhythm holds No place
The Word is Him, didn’t you know

So caught up in our own self worth
We take His glory without a thought
We live according to what He wrote
Do I forget, freedom is blood bought

Life can feel like there’s no tomorrow
Sorrowful , the man that believes it so
Payday of greater value is our reward
Heaven is Jesus, not a fancy chateau

Time has a way of flying right along
In the name of Jesus, eyes open wide
Cherish the last breath given unto you
Give your life to Him and never hide

He’s waiting with love and salvation
Fleeting are the days of carefree dare
Serious are the Words to eternal home
Hell’s mouth devours, it doesn’t care !

Judy L Wilson
Sept, 24- 2010

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  1. Lovley words.