Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eye's Wide Open

You can’t change a line or a Word
This is not a poem to make it flow
Rhyme or rhythm holds No place
The Word is Him, didn’t you know

So caught up in our own self worth
We take His glory without a thought
We live according to what He wrote
Do I forget, freedom is blood bought

Life can feel like there’s no tomorrow
Sorrowful , the man that believes it so
Payday of greater value is our reward
Heaven is Jesus, not a fancy chateau

Time has a way of flying right along
In the name of Jesus, eyes open wide
Cherish the last breath given unto you
Give your life to Him and never hide

He’s waiting with love and salvation
Fleeting are the days of carefree dare
Serious are the Words to eternal home
Hell’s mouth devours, it doesn’t care !

Judy L Wilson
Sept, 24- 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Red The Rose Of Love

Scarlet the red, red rose of summer
Like the bloom, He’ll come again
Thy King did not bid ye farewell
His love will flower until the end

Enticing is the blooming of season
Sweet aroma’s of love, fills the air
Killing frost has no power over life
The blossom of Salvation is so Fair

Never has a flower, been so loved
It’s petals unfold with flawless grace
Thy Lord the sweetest of Fragrance
Such longing for His perfect embrace

Ages have delighted in His holy beauty
Filled our senses with lovely Perfume
Thy power, my Lord, blessing’s untold
Red of Rose, our birth and Bridegroom 

Judy L Wilson
Sept 24, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Morning In Heaven


When we wake up to Morning in heaven
Heartache will have no place up there
Sickness holds no welcome with angels
To walk through the gate is to be an heir

Streets of gold, holds wondrous beauty
Walls of jasper will be lovely to behold
The glorious choir singing in true voice
Many things of splendor and joy foretold

It all means nothing to me when I awake
To morning in heaven in the arms of Jesus
In the shadow of His Wings is my reward
His light shines forever and ever endless

The journey has been my good pleasure
Where He has never left my heart or side
Loving Him has been my every gladness
Morning in heaven with Him, will I abide

Judy L Wilson
September, 17,2010

My grand daughter Maura asked me this question, Nonnie is it always morning in heaven ?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here I Stand

Purple Flowers,Flowers

I stood in the middle of the square
My head and hands bound in stock
With a heavy yoke upon my back
Feet bound in chains with no lock

Standing there all alone in my blame
Darkness was falling with it’s fears
There was no one around to find me
My midnight hour, shed many tears

Is there anyone to help in this place
Here I stand, for all the world to see
Found guilty and condemned by man
Where do I go or turn to in my plea

From somewhere hidden in my mind
A distant childhood memory came
Someone called Jesus could set me free
Deliver me from sin and all my shame

The yoke came flying from my back
Bound feet now follow a different path
My head and hands lift toward heaven
Saved by His blood , giving all He had

Judy L Wilson
Sept - 9 - 20
All Rights Reserved