Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Way Maker


The Way Maker, O’ The Way Maker
Leaves straight, the path to follow
He has crossed from death to life
His promises are not vain or hollow

Sometimes the valleys seem canyons
High walls that you can’t climb alone
Blue sky’s, so far off and out of reach
Not a foothold, doubts lies, bemoan

In the Lord, put I my trust and refuge
Then comes faith, God’s small seed
The Way Maker, O’ The Way Maker
Lifter of mine head, see’s to my need

Attentive to my cry, hearing my prayer
Forging hope in peoples of the earth
Helping us to become good travelers
Leaving despair, ere, blooms of rebirth

The Way Maker, O’ The Way Maker !
Redeemer of life and my new home
I will love Thee, O Lord my strength
My Father, forever, my Birth Stone !

Judy L Wilson

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