Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maude's Chariot


I was just nine and he was only seven
He was covered with freckles, me a few
Oh the temptation of grandpa’s old slide
Old Maude was hitched and we just knew

We stepped up onto our wooden chariot
No wheels, it just slid along the ground
Giddy up, giddy up, yon faithful steed !
Away we went with the speed of sound

Mama came running, screaming loud
The old gray mare had left a clear trail
Over the corn, and through a wire fence
By then, we were looking, kind of pale

What a wild ride for such little kids
By then brother had dropped the reins
If I told the truth, oh what fun we had
O’ there was going to be aches and pains

She came to a stop in widow Tarver’s lane
Mama had taken every step Maudey trod
She didn’t curse or say anything profane
Just something bad about sparing the rod !

Judy Wilson
All Rights Reserved
Giddy up Maudey !!

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