Monday, June 28, 2010

Model T And Me


My old body may run like a Model T
And I am climbing hills in reverse
It Takes a lot to get all cranked up
Running on four cylinders, can hurt

Been put in the shop a time or two
To look under the hood for a start
Over heated and nearly blew my top
Ok now, but sorry guys, no spare parts

I’d like to say it’s been a smooth ride
The Good Lord never said it would be
One of these days, I’m gonna trade it in
Nothing used ,wrecked or aged for me

All white, polished and seats of gold
I run like a antique, but not by choice
Soon I’ll step out of the old Model T
And step right into a new Rolls Royce

I’ll take it for a ride down by the river
Sit and talk with Jesus, my Good Friend
Listen to Him, breathe Him, enjoy Him
Praise Him, love Him for this Godsend !

Judy L Wilson
June 28/2010

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