Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dry Riverbed

I am thirsty for Life giving Water
And I came to drink from Your Well
I know the Hand that lifts the cup
Not from a stream, brook or pail

None other will ever taste so sweet
Or satisfy this longing deep inside
O’ Sweet Holy Spirit , Jesus my Lord
I am parched and lonely ,your bride

Righteousness calls for a different gale
Storm clouds of unease and unrest
Raining conviction from a raging sky
making believers again and not guests

Pour steadily on this empty desert trough
Harsh bitterness, the taste of unbelief
Dry riverbeds starve for rain of rebirth
Water from Thine Own hand, is our relief !

Judy L. Wilson
6/ 15/2010

Jewel Chest winner on  FaithWriters !

Diamond Heart

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