Monday, June 28, 2010

Model T And Me


My old body may run like a Model T
And I am climbing hills in reverse
It Takes a lot to get all cranked up
Running on four cylinders, can hurt

Been put in the shop a time or two
To look under the hood for a start
Over heated and nearly blew my top
Ok now, but sorry guys, no spare parts

I’d like to say it’s been a smooth ride
The Good Lord never said it would be
One of these days, I’m gonna trade it in
Nothing used ,wrecked or aged for me

All white, polished and seats of gold
I run like a antique, but not by choice
Soon I’ll step out of the old Model T
And step right into a new Rolls Royce

I’ll take it for a ride down by the river
Sit and talk with Jesus, my Good Friend
Listen to Him, breathe Him, enjoy Him
Praise Him, love Him for this Godsend !

Judy L Wilson
June 28/2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning Star Rights

Can you see through midnight
Feel the darkness settle around
Morning seems to never come
The sense of being earthbound

Loneliness for the break of light
To come through, yet another day
How precious the sight of dawn
Taking solace in the Son ray’s

I pray, never again this black void
Alone with self, and full of regret
Son of God, our righteous Saviour
Give me Your Light, Your Sonset

So many smiles , less the heart
A walking, talking empty shell
Hateful, hurtful, centered pain
Countless souls with a story to tell

Fill me with Your love and passion
I’ve been the one in indigo plight
Gone the heartache of being alone
Saved, with Morning Star rights !!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime At Twilight

While the light still prevails
From twilight to sundown
The lonely whippoorwill sings
Sweet, soothing, dulcet sounds

Four o’clocks of pink and white
Perfume the early evening hour
Butterflies and humming birds
Pay homage to the fragrant flower

From the sleepy little pond
White mist floating along the top
Tiny little minnows bite the air
Turtles come off their sunning rock

From the lowest hanging limb
Little girl, old board and rope swing
Hair flying and laughing out loud
Music, the joy, soaring brings

Fireflies begin to dot the dusky sky
Evening breezes, coolness of night
How beautiful, this time of day
God’s summertime, at twilight !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dry Riverbed

I am thirsty for Life giving Water
And I came to drink from Your Well
I know the Hand that lifts the cup
Not from a stream, brook or pail

None other will ever taste so sweet
Or satisfy this longing deep inside
O’ Sweet Holy Spirit , Jesus my Lord
I am parched and lonely ,your bride

Righteousness calls for a different gale
Storm clouds of unease and unrest
Raining conviction from a raging sky
making believers again and not guests

Pour steadily on this empty desert trough
Harsh bitterness, the taste of unbelief
Dry riverbeds starve for rain of rebirth
Water from Thine Own hand, is our relief !

Judy L. Wilson
6/ 15/2010

Jewel Chest winner on  FaithWriters !

Diamond Heart

Friday, June 4, 2010

In His Keep

I dreamed of a table set before me
beautiful crystal and wedding fare
Gleaming gold and polished silver
Regal and placed with loving care

The finest of white linen lay below
Crimson bottles of the richest wine
The purest water from deepest wells
Someone special was coming to dine

The scene was set, befitting a King
Fragrance of longing filled the air
Anticipation needed the Door open
Knowing I would worship Him there

He was the Bread that I would eat
And I knew I would sit at His table
Drink the wine from His own hand
Partake of the truth and not a fable

Grateful for His love and sacrifice
I was drawn downward to His feet
Laying there humble and in devotion
Knowing I was saved and in His Keep

Judy L Wilson