Friday, April 23, 2010

Wings Of Moonlight

Do I stay or do I go
In the gray mist of thought
Astray, floundering on life’s sea
Or do I look for the Lighthouse
That always is, a Beacon of Thee

Setting adrift without sail
To only row against the wind
Being tossed and turned about
Spending folly's, peaceful end
Just to go, where You send

I feel the wrench of Your tide
Out beyond myself and life’s toll
Knowing Your pull to stop my flight
Drawing me away from my own coast
On the wings of this moonlit night

O' to gaze upon innocent shores
Where I see footprints waiting there
That bid come,come and follow me
Leaving myself with nothing to dare
I follow them, follow them anywhere

Judy L Wilson
April 22/2010

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