Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Glowed

Love Glowed

The old country church
Sat far off the road
Paint all peeling
But I remember the feeling
That was the place love glowed

When they opened those windows
On a hot Sunday morn
You could hear those old saints singing
Gabriel, come blow your horn

Dinners on the ground
Good times and laughter
Children playing underfoot
Memories thought of, long after

Guitar picking under the oaks
Such lovely people, these kind folks
They knew how to lend a helping hand
They knew the Word of God
And how to stand !

Judy L Wilson
July, 5, 2009


Little One, Lame One, Long One, Lick Pot, Thumb


As far back as I can remember
It didn't matter what gender
My Mammaw would take
The hand of a child
And make a fist
Gently holding it by the wrist
Little one, up it would go
Lame one, moving kind of slow
Long one, closer to heaven
Lickpot, cake batter was got
Thumb, lending its strength
Now all five little fingers
Were standing straight
That could lift a hand
Toward heaven's gate
Around every digit
A story of Jesus, she would weave
For all the children to believe
Some would call her a hick
She outlived them all
And died at ninety six
Its only been a year
I'm still shedding tears
She's where she longed to be
Always loved her Lord you see
Her life on earth was done
Now she's rejoicing with the Son
Little one, lame one, long one, lickpot, thumb

Written by judy wilson