Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dove Run

Dove Run

Landing on the feeder
Seeds flying in every direction
Pretty little doves
God made, to perfection

Many sit on the fence
Others play in the Water
Some eat every Seed
While most, don't bother

Do we walk among many
And never taste of need
God's Truth is too precious
To be left lying in weeds

Dare we compare to a bird
Sitting on a fence, looking in
Or do we drink the Living Water
And never thirst again !!

Judy L Wilson
April 2, 2009

Gone Is The Mockers Robe

Gone Is The Mockers Robe

Gone is the mockers robe
The jester's crown of thorns
Redeemed by the Father
The King of Kings, Lord of Lords

Can we walk through our day
And not recognize
Give us to eat, Lord
Open our eyes

Let our hearts burn within
By the breaking of Bread
To a risen Saviour
Crucified, yet living instead

Lend to our understanding
Light among men
Purge from us Father
This thing called sin

To abide with You forever
Deliver us to Your will
The last Sacrifice
Forgiving us, on Calvary's hill

Judy L Wilson
March 7, 2009

Anointed Pen

Anointed Pen

Looking out from eyes
That look like glass
From the need to overflow
Why don't we give up
And just let go

Knowing all is not right
This is !
A battle we must fight
Praying for God to give words
To a soul, that has not heard

To take our pens
Anoint with Your Spirit
Urging all, to let go of sin
Convicting us of Your purpose
Guiding us to bring them in

Salvation has to be our cry
Place us all !
Under Your Holy Spirit Rain
Put a fire in Your remnant
Souls have to come, to repentance

An old song says
Jesus use me
O' Lord don't refuse me
Surely there is something I can do
Save us Lord, the only way is You !!

Judy L Wilson
Feb. 24, 2009