Friday, June 12, 2009

Salvation Stood

Salvation Stood

I likened myself
To a piece of wood
Three crosses on a hill
My tower of salvation
In the middle stood

My redemption
Ran down
That splintered tree
The joy of our hope
Saving you, saving me

Sweet eyes that saw
Through time and space
Was nailed to a cross
And took my place

No sin upon His head
He took mine
And died and bled

Now nailed
To a spiritual cross
I must die daily
The death of me
Is no loss

No longer
A useless piece of wood
We'll both die
And return to dust
One a burning cinder
Me with my Lord
My Redeemer !

Judy L Wilson
Feb. - 22 - 09

Unworthy Of Your Love


I'm unworthy
Of Your love dear Lord
There's nothing I can do
To make myself good enough
To deserve love from You

I feel like the man in scripture
Who couldn't raise his head
With so much sin
And guilt upon him
He smote his breast instead

How in the midnight hours
I think about my day
And the sickness of sin
Tries it's best to settle in
I try my hardest to pray
And i don't know what to say

Thank You God for Your Word
For in my mind I heard
Have mercy upon me O' Lord
As I kneel, in dismay
Create in me a clean heart, O'God
Cast me not away

A broken and contrite heart
O' God , Thou wilt not despise
So I bow down before You
With downcast eyes

And ask forgiveness
Of my sins today
For I am just a sinner
Unworthy In Every Way !!

Judy L Wilson
Patricia A Moore
Summer of 2008

Garnet Colored Ribbons


Our royal inheritance
Tied with bow
When from His wounds
The blood did flow

Each drop ran beneath
The thorny crown
Garnet colored ribbons
Came cascading down

Arms open wide
He understood
Nails driven through flesh
Deep into wood

When they lifted His cross
Put it into place
He looked over the crowd
And saw my face

He willingly died
I was filled with shame
He saved me from all
He took the blame

When He took
His last breath
Salvation came
Through His death

I accepted His gift
No man could tear apart
Garnet colored ribbons
Now cascade, through my heart

Judy L Wilson
December --- 2008

Clinging To The Master

What do i do
When anger and despair
Takes hold of my heart
I need to pray
And don't know where to start

A lifetime of pain
Heartache and regret
This choking feeling
Leaves me without hope
And sends me reeling

Hopelessness rolls over my soul
I need to cry
I need to feel whole

The body no longer stands straight
The face looses its glow
Total weariness sets in
And begins to show

I just want a happy heart
Seems the evil's of this world
Have tried to destroy me
From the very start

Lord, I can't fight anymore
Here I am again
With my face to the floor

Flow over my very being
Speak Your Word unto me
And quiet this raging fire

As joy flows from Your love
My soul is being blessed
My spirit is at ease
Even the body is at rest

Now I sleep with peace of mind
When trouble comes again
I will reach as far as I can
And cling to the Master's hand

Judy L Wilson
November --- 2008