Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Of The Roses

The Last Of The Roses

The last of the roses
Watching every petal fall
Turning into great drops of blood
That ran down the thorny spine
And pooled at the base of the bush
Like a child, i wanted to dance
In the glossy lake
Bathe in the blood red flow
Eat and drink and rejoice
Glory to the Lamb of God
Worthy is the Lamb
Wash us white as snow
Lord the world has to know
You are the King
You are the President
As i write and taste
The salt of my tears
Do the children
Of the world have time
Lord, do we have years

Judy L Wilson
october ---- 2008

No Matter How Small

It was a walk
I had taken many times
To talk with God
Was on my mind
So tired, burdened with care
Was there anyone, anywhere
Lord, can't You see
I've gone my limit
Tell them Lord
They've got to quit it
I cook and clean
Wash their clothes
Stand on my feet
All day long
Lord, I've had two strokes
I'm not very strong
I know You hear
The prayers of all
No matter how big
No matter how small
Yes, the tears are falling
Now I'm just bawling
I'm sorry Lord
Guess I'm getting old
I know You've tracked every tear
Down to the time and year
How many times
Have You soothed my heart
And gave me a fresh start
I'll get a grip
Just a momentary slip
You're always there to listen
Judy ?
I know, I'm forgiven !!

Judy L Wilson
October ---- 2008

Fall Blessings


My love for trees
Basking in glow
A stunning display
As they wait for snow

To stand on a mountain
And cry in awe
Thank You sweet Lamb
What a gift to all

To see an old dirt road
Winding through
The forest floor
Leaves falling gently

Floating, dancing
Every brilliant hue
Such a blessing
This small part of You

The wind blows softly
What beautiful music
This rustling sound

Enjoy the wondrous colors
Soon, they can't be found

The dew fell like crystal
That early morn
Every part of the mountain
Seemed to be adorned

I love this time of day
Special moments
With our Lord
To behold such splendor
With my King ,our Adored !!

Judy L Wilson
september --- 2008

Holding Jesus

Holding Jesus

Nonnie, do you mean
When we're holding the bible
We're holding Jesus
Out of the mouths of babes

Does it hurt Him
To hear us say
We can't feel His presence
When we can partake
Of His very essence

O' my beautiful Star
You're never very far
Written upon the pages
A Rock that is ageless

Our written lullaby
Our soothing balm
Life's giving Water
Our Anchor and Altar

The Father of all man
And we can cradle Him
In the palm of our hand

This really brings it home
We can hold the King
That sits upon the throne

Sometimes I think
My granddaughter's are genius
Nonnie, do you mean
When we're holding the bible
We're holding Jesus !!

Written by Judy Wilson
September- 2008
For Brianna Hope, age 9
Maura Faith age 4

Small Wooden Cross


Sitting quietly looking at the tree
Everyone asleep except for me
Thinking, is this all that we see

There among the twinkling lights
Hung a small wooden cross
Through my mind flew the thoughts
The meaning of Christmas is such a loss

We let our minds wander
To parties, presents and such
Why aren't we thinking of Baby Jesus
Is that asking too much

When He lay in the manger
He was thinking of you and me
That's why He was crucified
So all the world would see

You can't say His name
In courthouses, schools and stores
But Christmas without Christ
Is not Christmas anymore

God forgive us, for we have sinned
Help us put Christ
Back in Christmas again

Thank You Jesus, for the gentle reminder
Thank You Jesus, for letting me see
As I sit quietly looking at the tree
And the small wooden cross !!!

Written by judy wilson
Patricia A Moore
Gerti Blackwell

The Old Christmas Star

Beautiful, beautiful star
I'll put high atop my tree
And tell
All my friends and family
What this old star
Means to me

How I walked into the room
On a cold winters night
How the star
Was shining so bright
How the whole tree
Was bathed
In golden firelight

I'll tell them how
The star seemed to know
And how each point
Shined a light
On the branches below

How hanging on every limb
Were ornaments
Of Jesus in the manger
And how I realized
I had been such a stranger

There on my knees
I remembered
Why God put the star
That could be seen
Both near and far

Not to be worshiped
But to guide the way
To where
Our dear Saviour lay

Yes I will tell my
My family and friends
How Jesus can save you
How He can heal every scar
And how He reminded me
Through the old Christmas star !

Judy L Wilson
august --- 2007

Come Home


You could hear her sob
Her life's not right with God
Her clothes are filthy
She eats decaying food
Her sleep is filled with dread
As she tosses and turns
Upon her sinful bed
Her leadership is blind
Wearing armor of mortal man
No longer crafted
By the Master's hand
She's tired of the carnal mind
Open, my Jesus, the oil and wine
Hear the cries of the remnant
Make haste !
The call for repentance
Bathe her !
With Your blood bought flow
So all mankind will know
America is not tossed
By every wind of doctrine
She is our home
Placing Jesus back
As our Cornerstone !

Judy L Wilson
September 2008

His Name Is David


How dare life go on
When we feel such pain
Life should stand still
That's how we feel
We go through our days
Sometimes we forget
When dawning appears
We feel as if we're drowning
In a storm of tears
Such brokenness, inside of us
Is he really gone
Because we can't see
Because we can't touch
We can see you standing tall
In full cowboy gear
Then again, come the tears
Our pain is a little
Different from others
You left Mike and I
Your sister and brother
If we could, we would ask
Is He beautiful
Tell us of His love so sweet
Tell us how you felt
When you cast your crown
At His feet
Tell us when
We can see you again
Answers to be found
When we get to heaven
Now you have a brand new name
In your heavenly haven
But to Mike and I
His name is David

Judy L Wilson