Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Crimson Wing

On Crimson Wing

Beautiful redbird on crimson wing
Unknowing of the joy you bring
Sent to me out of indigo days
And terrifying nights
A family awakened by screams
Of a reoccurring dream
Depression thought he'd won
But satan had to run
Because Sarah's daughter
Knew the Son
I lay at His feet
I buried my face
In the hem of His garment
I grabbed His hands
He opened His arms
And i let Him hold me
O' my Saviour
My Lord, my King
Sweet Jesus, the hope you bring
You led me to a window
That long ago spring
To see a lovely color
My beautiful redbird , on crimson wing!

Judy L Wilson

O' Beautiful Sunflower

O' beautiful sunflower
With your golden crown
Green mammoth leaves
That protect and surround
Nestled among others
Yet you humbly bow
Reminding me of
The church somehow
Praying that the stem
Will wither and die
So the seed
Will fall in Spirit
And nothing of, i

Judy L Wilson
JUNE... 2008

Fall Blessings


My love for trees
Basking in glow
A stunning display
As they wait for snow

To stand on a mountain
And cry in awe
Thank You sweet Lamb
What a gift to all

To see an old dirt road
Winding through
The forest floor
Leaves falling gently

Floating, dancing
Every brilliant hue
Such a blessing
This small part of You

The wind blows softly
What beautiful music
This rustling sound

Enjoy the wondrous colors
Soon, they can't be found

The dew fell like crystal
That early morn
Every part of the mountain
Seemed to be adorned

I love this time of day
Special moments
With our Lord
To behold such splendor
With my King ,our Adored !!

Judy L Wilson
september --- 2008


Where is the fear of the Lord
Will there ever be one accord
Where are the anointed preachers
The Spirit filled teachers
We don't want to offend anyone
With the true and living word
Most would rather live on
Just what they've heard
Do we answer to our Maker
Are we a giver or a taker
Do we go to those in need
Or do we wish them, God's speed
Do we say to the sick
Take up thy bed and walk
Or do we give them, a lot of talk
Are we guilty in the eyes of God
Have we been spared the rod
Judgement day is coming
Are our lamps full of oil
Are we tired, of all the toil
When the clouds split wide open
We aren't going to leave
On wishin and a hope'n
Do we look to the eastern sky
Are we ready to die
When Jesus was sent from above
There's a flip side to God's love
Eternal torment
Lest we repent!
Are we doing all we're told to
I can only answer for me
But I do know, Jesus loves you!

Judy L Wilson
May ... 2008

Heart Shaped Leaves

Heart Shaped Leaves

The vine with its beautiful heart shaped leaves
Twined its way along the side
And across the top of the arbor swing
She sat, the old wood creaked
As she tucked one foot under
And pushed off with the other
Gliding with the peaceful sway
Thinking of another, long ago day
She knew there was a God
But never read His word
Never had any faith
Believed what she heard
With head bowed
Much shame and tears
Asking God to forgive her
For her faithless years
Now that she's older
And forgiven her youth
She thanks God
For showing her truth
Lifting her head
All has been said
Her heart is intertwined
With the true and living vine
Pushing off one more time
Gliding with the peaceful sway
There in the gentle breeze
Looking up at the heart shaped leaves

Judy L Wilson
April... 2008

He Said No

I asked God
If I could borrow
Time from tomorrow
To see if the decisions I made
This hour, would cause much sorrow
He said no !
Sufficient for the day
Is its own trouble
I asked God if I could
Just go back
Do it all different
Right all the wrongs
He said no!
You're where you belong
I asked God
Where do I go from here
How do I turn it all around
He said
In my grace do you abound
I asked God to remove the sword
He said no !
There is consequence to sin
I will show you how to begin
Till the ground
Plant lots of seeds
Share Me with others
Do it with love
From my Father above
And watch your garden grow
I am the past
I am the present
I am the future
I am all things
Peace I bring to you
So lift up your head
You've been covered
By the blood of a King
I forgive you everything !

Judy L Wilson
March... 2008

Forgive The Wrong


Woe to those that have
Become as the Pharisees
That won't step out
Of their religious box
Woe to those that
Stand on high ground
And won't get into a ditch
To save an ox
Woe to those that preach religion
That will send you straight to hell
In the end, to have it all fail
Thy terribleness hath decieved thee,
And the pride of thine heart,
O thou that dwellest
In the clefts of the rock,
That holdest the height of the hill;
Though thou shouldest make
Thy nest as high as the eagle,
I will bring you down
From there saith the Lord!
Woe to the congregation
That listens to easy words
Woe to those that believe the sermon
Where there's no cross or faith heard
Woe to those that
Are full of dead mans bones
Forgive us, the word
Is rarely opened in our homes
Woe to the time spent
Trying to get them through the door
Forget about our knees to the floor
Woe to the raffle that fills the seat
Only to have them
Take what is offered and retreat
A hotdog, a coke and a bag of ice
When all we need
Is the manifested power of
In this i know where i belong
Please Lord Jesus, forgive the wrong

Judy L Wilson