Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's Golden Leaves

God's Golden Leaves

My life has been filled with heartache
Sometimes I think I can't go on
Then I hear Your voice remind me
Be of good cheer, I'm still on the throne

No matter what comes your way
The gates to My glory are open
I feel your sorrow
And My love for you will never be broken

I'll give you joy in the morning
And show you something that will please
One of My glorious treasures
God's falling , golden leaves

I'll take upon myself, all of your burdens
Just give it all to Me
Praise me in Your midnight
And dance before Me, under God's falling golden leaves !

Judy L Wilson
September 23,2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

He was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
The price of Innocent Blood
Not much to the unbeliever
But a Fortune to me

He wore a crown of thorns
So we could wear gold
He reached out as a Friend
No greater Love ever told

Belief in the Father and not the Son
Nailed my Salvation to a tree
He hung there and died there
Bearing all sin, just for me

He suffered agony
When His Father hid His face
Betrayed by His own
Yet He still took my place

There'll be no time for weeping
When He calls out our name
Will we be under His blood
Or will we stay the same


He was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
The price of innocent blood
Not much to the unbeliever

Judy L Wilson
September 11,2009
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