Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Glowed

Love Glowed

The old country church
Sat far off the road
Paint all peeling
But I remember the feeling
That was the place love glowed

When they opened those windows
On a hot Sunday morn
You could hear those old saints singing
Gabriel, come blow your horn

Dinners on the ground
Good times and laughter
Children playing underfoot
Memories thought of, long after

Guitar picking under the oaks
Such lovely people, these kind folks
They knew how to lend a helping hand
They knew the Word of God
And how to stand !

Judy L Wilson
July, 5, 2009



  1. What A Lovely poem Judy. I would like to put it in our bulletin. Thank-you and May the Lord Shine on YOUUU! ~ Susan

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  3. Hi Judy,
    I like this. It takes me home. Seems we share similar memories!