Friday, July 10, 2009

Evening Tears

Evening Tears

In the quiet of the morning
I make my way to the garden
While the grass is still wet
With evening tears
That's what Gran used to say
The sun will come out
And dry them all away
It's funny what you believe as a child
Everything you're told
As much as your heart could hold
You were never put to bed
Before it was said
From parents to brothers, i love you
Never bored, always something to do
We didn't have an electronic game
Or want fortune and fame
There was mom and dad
Granny's and GrandPaw's
For us, they were everything
As joyful as spring
We were taught right from wrong
Getting into trouble didn't last long
So, here's the hitch
We came from the generation
Of the switch
We were brought up in church
Taught to love the Lord
Respect and love others
By our beautiful Mother
My youth has come and gone
Now I have grandbabies of my own
Some morning we'll walk out
In the evening tears
And tell them what Gran used to say
Then i'll talk to them of another Son
Who can wash their sins away

Written by judy wilson
April ... 2008

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