Monday, July 27, 2009

The Phone Call

The Phone Call

There's one caller ahead of you
I'm sorry to keep you waiting
I know the sound of His voice
He leaves me longing and anticipating

He said He would die for me
And write my number in blood
Help me with all the worry and heartache
And make sure I understood

No need to turn the volume up loud
Or buy special headgear
Or panic over color of choice
He's always there, in that still small Voice


He has the eyes of a dove
The hands of a carpenter
He was wounded for my transgressions
So pardon me while I put you on hold
To make this confession
I love You, I love You, I love You
I do, I do !

Poem --- song
Judy L Wilson
July 24,09

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Me And You

Just Me And You

I'll walk and talk down the trail
Pick a flower or two
And have sweet fellowship
Just me and You

Praise floats
In the rustling leaves
You can hear His Song
Playing, in the evening breeze

Storms may come, ore the hill
You can find me
Singing in the rain
And count it all gain

Yes, the storms will come
They do to everyone
He said His burdens are light
Until the day is dawning
And there is, no more night !

Judy L Wilson
July 19, 2009
Song ... Poem

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

If you don't like the color red
You better change your mind
This is a stain you don't wash out
His blood forever without a doubt

If you're afraid of horses
You better change your mind
And make different choices
Cause He's coming back on one
Our Jesus, God's only Son

If you don't like loud noises
When that trumpet sounds
You can stay if you want to
Cause my feet's leaving the ground !

You don't want to be left behind
It'll be to late to cry and whine
Come while there's still light
Before day turns into night !

Judy L Wilson
July 2009
Song - poem

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Glowed

Love Glowed

The old country church
Sat far off the road
Paint all peeling
But I remember the feeling
That was the place love glowed

When they opened those windows
On a hot Sunday morn
You could hear those old saints singing
Gabriel, come blow your horn

Dinners on the ground
Good times and laughter
Children playing underfoot
Memories thought of, long after

Guitar picking under the oaks
Such lovely people, these kind folks
They knew how to lend a helping hand
They knew the Word of God
And how to stand !

Judy L Wilson
July, 5, 2009


Little One, Lame One, Long One, Lick Pot, Thumb


As far back as I can remember
It didn't matter what gender
My Mammaw would take
The hand of a child
And make a fist
Gently holding it by the wrist
Little one, up it would go
Lame one, moving kind of slow
Long one, closer to heaven
Lickpot, cake batter was got
Thumb, lending its strength
Now all five little fingers
Were standing straight
That could lift a hand
Toward heaven's gate
Around every digit
A story of Jesus, she would weave
For all the children to believe
Some would call her a hick
She outlived them all
And died at ninety six
Its only been a year
I'm still shedding tears
She's where she longed to be
Always loved her Lord you see
Her life on earth was done
Now she's rejoicing with the Son
Little one, lame one, long one, lickpot, thumb

Written by judy wilson

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evening Tears

Evening Tears

In the quiet of the morning
I make my way to the garden
While the grass is still wet
With evening tears
That's what Gran used to say
The sun will come out
And dry them all away
It's funny what you believe as a child
Everything you're told
As much as your heart could hold
You were never put to bed
Before it was said
From parents to brothers, i love you
Never bored, always something to do
We didn't have an electronic game
Or want fortune and fame
There was mom and dad
Granny's and GrandPaw's
For us, they were everything
As joyful as spring
We were taught right from wrong
Getting into trouble didn't last long
So, here's the hitch
We came from the generation
Of the switch
We were brought up in church
Taught to love the Lord
Respect and love others
By our beautiful Mother
My youth has come and gone
Now I have grandbabies of my own
Some morning we'll walk out
In the evening tears
And tell them what Gran used to say
Then i'll talk to them of another Son
Who can wash their sins away

Written by judy wilson
April ... 2008

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joy Flows

Joy Flows

From somewhere deep within
I lean upon Your breast
Joy flows down my face
Knowing, I am blessed

I kneel and worship You
My spirit bows, and I weep
My tears are flowing
As they fall, at Your feet

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
You are the sweetest Rose
Saviour, Lamb of God
My love for You, only grows

The day has dawned
How lovely You are
Your glory lights the world
My bright and Morning Star

Judy L Wilson
July 1,2009
FaithWriters Jewel Chest Winner

Saturday, July 4, 2009



Pink, rose, lilac and white
Beautiful Larkspur
What a lovely sight
Many blossoms
On the same stem
Trying to get closer
To the Great I Am
In the garden
Of fellow man
Plant our feet
On solid land
Feeding us
With living Water
Every precious
Son and daughter
Let our bloom not
Wither and fade
For there's
No earthly reason
You're there with increase
In every season
In the summer
Of the Larkspur's life
Heat will come
With gale and strife
Our flower will bloom
With no loss
Under the resurrection
Power of Your Cross

Judy L Wilson
March 23, 2009
Revised March 25, 2009