Thursday, June 4, 2009


Where is the fear of the Lord
Will there ever be one accord
Where are the anointed preachers
The Spirit filled teachers
We don't want to offend anyone
With the true and living word
Most would rather live on
Just what they've heard
Do we answer to our Maker
Are we a giver or a taker
Do we go to those in need
Or do we wish them, God's speed
Do we say to the sick
Take up thy bed and walk
Or do we give them, a lot of talk
Are we guilty in the eyes of God
Have we been spared the rod
Judgement day is coming
Are our lamps full of oil
Are we tired, of all the toil
When the clouds split wide open
We aren't going to leave
On wishin and a hope'n
Do we look to the eastern sky
Are we ready to die
When Jesus was sent from above
There's a flip side to God's love
Eternal torment
Lest we repent!
Are we doing all we're told to
I can only answer for me
But I do know, Jesus loves you!

Judy L Wilson
May ... 2008

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