Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Old Christmas Star

Beautiful, beautiful star
I'll put high atop my tree
And tell
All my friends and family
What this old star
Means to me

How I walked into the room
On a cold winters night
How the star
Was shining so bright
How the whole tree
Was bathed
In golden firelight

I'll tell them how
The star seemed to know
And how each point
Shined a light
On the branches below

How hanging on every limb
Were ornaments
Of Jesus in the manger
And how I realized
I had been such a stranger

There on my knees
I remembered
Why God put the star
That could be seen
Both near and far

Not to be worshiped
But to guide the way
To where
Our dear Saviour lay

Yes I will tell my
My family and friends
How Jesus can save you
How He can heal every scar
And how He reminded me
Through the old Christmas star !

Judy L Wilson
august --- 2007

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