Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Matter How Small

It was a walk
I had taken many times
To talk with God
Was on my mind
So tired, burdened with care
Was there anyone, anywhere
Lord, can't You see
I've gone my limit
Tell them Lord
They've got to quit it
I cook and clean
Wash their clothes
Stand on my feet
All day long
Lord, I've had two strokes
I'm not very strong
I know You hear
The prayers of all
No matter how big
No matter how small
Yes, the tears are falling
Now I'm just bawling
I'm sorry Lord
Guess I'm getting old
I know You've tracked every tear
Down to the time and year
How many times
Have You soothed my heart
And gave me a fresh start
I'll get a grip
Just a momentary slip
You're always there to listen
Judy ?
I know, I'm forgiven !!

Judy L Wilson
October ---- 2008

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