Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last King

The Last King

You are the Alpha and Omega
The first and last King
Salvation is the song You sing
My heart hears the sound
Praising God
My name is written down
You are my Father
I gladly become Your child
I glory in the cross
Partake of Your daily bread
And become clean
Because of the blood You shed
My Father
As I sit and pray
Hold me close
Never let me stray
Keep me ever before You
Teaching me, guiding me
In all that I do
Let my eyes not see
Nor my ears hear
The call of the world
Even, every man, woman
Boy or girl
I feel Your Spirit so strong
The call has gone out
Come my children, come home
The days are growing short
Make your way while you can
Except the Lord Jesus
And gain your place
In the promise land
Listen to this Prince Of Peace
What a gift, He did bring
Salvation is the song He sings
Giving praise and honor
For the death and resurrection
Of the last King

JudyL Wilson
november --- 2008

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