Wednesday, June 10, 2009

His Name Is David


How dare life go on
When we feel such pain
Life should stand still
That's how we feel
We go through our days
Sometimes we forget
When dawning appears
We feel as if we're drowning
In a storm of tears
Such brokenness, inside of us
Is he really gone
Because we can't see
Because we can't touch
We can see you standing tall
In full cowboy gear
Then again, come the tears
Our pain is a little
Different from others
You left Mike and I
Your sister and brother
If we could, we would ask
Is He beautiful
Tell us of His love so sweet
Tell us how you felt
When you cast your crown
At His feet
Tell us when
We can see you again
Answers to be found
When we get to heaven
Now you have a brand new name
In your heavenly haven
But to Mike and I
His name is David

Judy L Wilson

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