Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heart Shaped Leaves

Heart Shaped Leaves

The vine with its beautiful heart shaped leaves
Twined its way along the side
And across the top of the arbor swing
She sat, the old wood creaked
As she tucked one foot under
And pushed off with the other
Gliding with the peaceful sway
Thinking of another, long ago day
She knew there was a God
But never read His word
Never had any faith
Believed what she heard
With head bowed
Much shame and tears
Asking God to forgive her
For her faithless years
Now that she's older
And forgiven her youth
She thanks God
For showing her truth
Lifting her head
All has been said
Her heart is intertwined
With the true and living vine
Pushing off one more time
Gliding with the peaceful sway
There in the gentle breeze
Looking up at the heart shaped leaves

Judy L Wilson
April... 2008

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