Thursday, June 4, 2009

He Said No

I asked God
If I could borrow
Time from tomorrow
To see if the decisions I made
This hour, would cause much sorrow
He said no !
Sufficient for the day
Is its own trouble
I asked God if I could
Just go back
Do it all different
Right all the wrongs
He said no!
You're where you belong
I asked God
Where do I go from here
How do I turn it all around
He said
In my grace do you abound
I asked God to remove the sword
He said no !
There is consequence to sin
I will show you how to begin
Till the ground
Plant lots of seeds
Share Me with others
Do it with love
From my Father above
And watch your garden grow
I am the past
I am the present
I am the future
I am all things
Peace I bring to you
So lift up your head
You've been covered
By the blood of a King
I forgive you everything !

Judy L Wilson
March... 2008

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