Friday, June 12, 2009

Clinging To The Master

What do i do
When anger and despair
Takes hold of my heart
I need to pray
And don't know where to start

A lifetime of pain
Heartache and regret
This choking feeling
Leaves me without hope
And sends me reeling

Hopelessness rolls over my soul
I need to cry
I need to feel whole

The body no longer stands straight
The face looses its glow
Total weariness sets in
And begins to show

I just want a happy heart
Seems the evil's of this world
Have tried to destroy me
From the very start

Lord, I can't fight anymore
Here I am again
With my face to the floor

Flow over my very being
Speak Your Word unto me
And quiet this raging fire

As joy flows from Your love
My soul is being blessed
My spirit is at ease
Even the body is at rest

Now I sleep with peace of mind
When trouble comes again
I will reach as far as I can
And cling to the Master's hand

Judy L Wilson
November --- 2008

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