Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The White Stone

The White Stone

The world holds it's beauty
Pastures of green
The wonder of a flower
The babbling of a stream

I would rather lose it all
And be totally alone
Than miss the giving
Of our Father's, White Stone

That holds my new name
But to me be known
To partake of the hidden manna
Speaks the Spirit, from the throne

I will hold fast
God's righteousness, my cloak of desire
No man shall take my crown
I have bought the gold, tried in fire

My Lord, I'll walk with You in white
I have been set against a Door
My name is written in The Book Of Life
To worship You forever and even more !!

Judy L Wilson
December 9, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Salvations Bow

Do you know Christmas with Christ
He's more than silver and gold
He is our Saviour
Tied, with Salvation's Bow

The Majesty of heaven and earth
Lay in a manger that night
God's Bethlehem Star
Shining so bright

Few knew the joy
Of this King
Such a humble beginning
For the hope, He would bring

His cross was felled for me
Sacrificing the Lamb of Light
Adorned with Scarlet
Making our Christmas, Snow White

Judy L Wilson
December 9, 2009

FaithWriters Jewel Chest Winner 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weight Of A Load

Weight Of A Load

This old road has been traveled way to long
To many feet have trodded upon
But I’ll just keep on movin, shoutin, prayin
And crying out to the Lord

These old troublesome times
They sure can get weary
And I feel the weight of a load
I wasn’t meant to carry

So I’ll just call upon my Lord
And let Him take away this burden
And give me joy and peace
Because He said, I’m one of the least

I’ll give it all to Him
From a broken heart and bended knee
Give it all to Him, yes, give it all to Him
And enter into His rest, for He heard my plea !

Judy L Wilson
October 16,2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's Golden Leaves

God's Golden Leaves

My life has been filled with heartache
Sometimes I think I can't go on
Then I hear Your voice remind me
Be of good cheer, I'm still on the throne

No matter what comes your way
The gates to My glory are open
I feel your sorrow
And My love for you will never be broken

I'll give you joy in the morning
And show you something that will please
One of My glorious treasures
God's falling , golden leaves

I'll take upon myself, all of your burdens
Just give it all to Me
Praise me in Your midnight
And dance before Me, under God's falling golden leaves !

Judy L Wilson
September 23,2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

He was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
The price of Innocent Blood
Not much to the unbeliever
But a Fortune to me

He wore a crown of thorns
So we could wear gold
He reached out as a Friend
No greater Love ever told

Belief in the Father and not the Son
Nailed my Salvation to a tree
He hung there and died there
Bearing all sin, just for me

He suffered agony
When His Father hid His face
Betrayed by His own
Yet He still took my place

There'll be no time for weeping
When He calls out our name
Will we be under His blood
Or will we stay the same


He was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
The price of innocent blood
Not much to the unbeliever

Judy L Wilson
September 11,2009
Song --- Poem

Friday, August 7, 2009

Joy Of My Song

Joy Of My Song

You are the LOVE of my song
My joy in You ever sings
Soaring into my heart
On the Purest white Dove wings

You are the fullness of the melody
Thy Word is the joy of my soul
Our journey may be long, but
Being at rest with You, never grows old

I will pour my heart out to You
Lift my voice with praise
And try to show my love for You
In a thousand different ways


From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee
When my heart is overwhelmed
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I
For Thou art a shelter and tower for me
And I will sing praises to Thy name , forever !

Judy L Wilson
August- 7- 2009
Song - poem

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Phone Call

The Phone Call

There's one caller ahead of you
I'm sorry to keep you waiting
I know the sound of His voice
He leaves me longing and anticipating

He said He would die for me
And write my number in blood
Help me with all the worry and heartache
And make sure I understood

No need to turn the volume up loud
Or buy special headgear
Or panic over color of choice
He's always there, in that still small Voice


He has the eyes of a dove
The hands of a carpenter
He was wounded for my transgressions
So pardon me while I put you on hold
To make this confession
I love You, I love You, I love You
I do, I do !

Poem --- song
Judy L Wilson
July 24,09

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Me And You

Just Me And You

I'll walk and talk down the trail
Pick a flower or two
And have sweet fellowship
Just me and You

Praise floats
In the rustling leaves
You can hear His Song
Playing, in the evening breeze

Storms may come, ore the hill
You can find me
Singing in the rain
And count it all gain

Yes, the storms will come
They do to everyone
He said His burdens are light
Until the day is dawning
And there is, no more night !

Judy L Wilson
July 19, 2009
Song ... Poem

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

If you don't like the color red
You better change your mind
This is a stain you don't wash out
His blood forever without a doubt

If you're afraid of horses
You better change your mind
And make different choices
Cause He's coming back on one
Our Jesus, God's only Son

If you don't like loud noises
When that trumpet sounds
You can stay if you want to
Cause my feet's leaving the ground !

You don't want to be left behind
It'll be to late to cry and whine
Come while there's still light
Before day turns into night !

Judy L Wilson
July 2009
Song - poem

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Glowed

Love Glowed

The old country church
Sat far off the road
Paint all peeling
But I remember the feeling
That was the place love glowed

When they opened those windows
On a hot Sunday morn
You could hear those old saints singing
Gabriel, come blow your horn

Dinners on the ground
Good times and laughter
Children playing underfoot
Memories thought of, long after

Guitar picking under the oaks
Such lovely people, these kind folks
They knew how to lend a helping hand
They knew the Word of God
And how to stand !

Judy L Wilson
July, 5, 2009


Little One, Lame One, Long One, Lick Pot, Thumb


As far back as I can remember
It didn't matter what gender
My Mammaw would take
The hand of a child
And make a fist
Gently holding it by the wrist
Little one, up it would go
Lame one, moving kind of slow
Long one, closer to heaven
Lickpot, cake batter was got
Thumb, lending its strength
Now all five little fingers
Were standing straight
That could lift a hand
Toward heaven's gate
Around every digit
A story of Jesus, she would weave
For all the children to believe
Some would call her a hick
She outlived them all
And died at ninety six
Its only been a year
I'm still shedding tears
She's where she longed to be
Always loved her Lord you see
Her life on earth was done
Now she's rejoicing with the Son
Little one, lame one, long one, lickpot, thumb

Written by judy wilson

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evening Tears

Evening Tears

In the quiet of the morning
I make my way to the garden
While the grass is still wet
With evening tears
That's what Gran used to say
The sun will come out
And dry them all away
It's funny what you believe as a child
Everything you're told
As much as your heart could hold
You were never put to bed
Before it was said
From parents to brothers, i love you
Never bored, always something to do
We didn't have an electronic game
Or want fortune and fame
There was mom and dad
Granny's and GrandPaw's
For us, they were everything
As joyful as spring
We were taught right from wrong
Getting into trouble didn't last long
So, here's the hitch
We came from the generation
Of the switch
We were brought up in church
Taught to love the Lord
Respect and love others
By our beautiful Mother
My youth has come and gone
Now I have grandbabies of my own
Some morning we'll walk out
In the evening tears
And tell them what Gran used to say
Then i'll talk to them of another Son
Who can wash their sins away

Written by judy wilson
April ... 2008

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joy Flows

Joy Flows

From somewhere deep within
I lean upon Your breast
Joy flows down my face
Knowing, I am blessed

I kneel and worship You
My spirit bows, and I weep
My tears are flowing
As they fall, at Your feet

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
You are the sweetest Rose
Saviour, Lamb of God
My love for You, only grows

The day has dawned
How lovely You are
Your glory lights the world
My bright and Morning Star

Judy L Wilson
July 1,2009
FaithWriters Jewel Chest Winner

Saturday, July 4, 2009



Pink, rose, lilac and white
Beautiful Larkspur
What a lovely sight
Many blossoms
On the same stem
Trying to get closer
To the Great I Am
In the garden
Of fellow man
Plant our feet
On solid land
Feeding us
With living Water
Every precious
Son and daughter
Let our bloom not
Wither and fade
For there's
No earthly reason
You're there with increase
In every season
In the summer
Of the Larkspur's life
Heat will come
With gale and strife
Our flower will bloom
With no loss
Under the resurrection
Power of Your Cross

Judy L Wilson
March 23, 2009
Revised March 25, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Song.... Your Footseps

Your Footsteps

How long is the road
I must walk down
And live this journey
In a strange land


Lord I wouldn't want to walk
Down a road
That I couldn't look back
And see Your footsteps

Lord, help me walk
In Your ways
Being ever before me
That I might live


The way gets narrow
Yet I journey on
Such a weary traveler
Till I can see the King
That sits upon the throne


If I stumble and fall
And try to turn back
I want my feet to land
In Your footsteps

Lord, I want my feet to land
In your footsteps

Judy L Wilson
May 21, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dove Run

Dove Run

Landing on the feeder
Seeds flying in every direction
Pretty little doves
God made, to perfection

Many sit on the fence
Others play in the Water
Some eat every Seed
While most, don't bother

Do we walk among many
And never taste of need
God's Truth is too precious
To be left lying in weeds

Dare we compare to a bird
Sitting on a fence, looking in
Or do we drink the Living Water
And never thirst again !!

Judy L Wilson
April 2, 2009

Gone Is The Mockers Robe

Gone Is The Mockers Robe

Gone is the mockers robe
The jester's crown of thorns
Redeemed by the Father
The King of Kings, Lord of Lords

Can we walk through our day
And not recognize
Give us to eat, Lord
Open our eyes

Let our hearts burn within
By the breaking of Bread
To a risen Saviour
Crucified, yet living instead

Lend to our understanding
Light among men
Purge from us Father
This thing called sin

To abide with You forever
Deliver us to Your will
The last Sacrifice
Forgiving us, on Calvary's hill

Judy L Wilson
March 7, 2009

Anointed Pen

Anointed Pen

Looking out from eyes
That look like glass
From the need to overflow
Why don't we give up
And just let go

Knowing all is not right
This is !
A battle we must fight
Praying for God to give words
To a soul, that has not heard

To take our pens
Anoint with Your Spirit
Urging all, to let go of sin
Convicting us of Your purpose
Guiding us to bring them in

Salvation has to be our cry
Place us all !
Under Your Holy Spirit Rain
Put a fire in Your remnant
Souls have to come, to repentance

An old song says
Jesus use me
O' Lord don't refuse me
Surely there is something I can do
Save us Lord, the only way is You !!

Judy L Wilson
Feb. 24, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Salvation Stood

Salvation Stood

I likened myself
To a piece of wood
Three crosses on a hill
My tower of salvation
In the middle stood

My redemption
Ran down
That splintered tree
The joy of our hope
Saving you, saving me

Sweet eyes that saw
Through time and space
Was nailed to a cross
And took my place

No sin upon His head
He took mine
And died and bled

Now nailed
To a spiritual cross
I must die daily
The death of me
Is no loss

No longer
A useless piece of wood
We'll both die
And return to dust
One a burning cinder
Me with my Lord
My Redeemer !

Judy L Wilson
Feb. - 22 - 09

Unworthy Of Your Love


I'm unworthy
Of Your love dear Lord
There's nothing I can do
To make myself good enough
To deserve love from You

I feel like the man in scripture
Who couldn't raise his head
With so much sin
And guilt upon him
He smote his breast instead

How in the midnight hours
I think about my day
And the sickness of sin
Tries it's best to settle in
I try my hardest to pray
And i don't know what to say

Thank You God for Your Word
For in my mind I heard
Have mercy upon me O' Lord
As I kneel, in dismay
Create in me a clean heart, O'God
Cast me not away

A broken and contrite heart
O' God , Thou wilt not despise
So I bow down before You
With downcast eyes

And ask forgiveness
Of my sins today
For I am just a sinner
Unworthy In Every Way !!

Judy L Wilson
Patricia A Moore
Summer of 2008

Garnet Colored Ribbons


Our royal inheritance
Tied with bow
When from His wounds
The blood did flow

Each drop ran beneath
The thorny crown
Garnet colored ribbons
Came cascading down

Arms open wide
He understood
Nails driven through flesh
Deep into wood

When they lifted His cross
Put it into place
He looked over the crowd
And saw my face

He willingly died
I was filled with shame
He saved me from all
He took the blame

When He took
His last breath
Salvation came
Through His death

I accepted His gift
No man could tear apart
Garnet colored ribbons
Now cascade, through my heart

Judy L Wilson
December --- 2008

Clinging To The Master

What do i do
When anger and despair
Takes hold of my heart
I need to pray
And don't know where to start

A lifetime of pain
Heartache and regret
This choking feeling
Leaves me without hope
And sends me reeling

Hopelessness rolls over my soul
I need to cry
I need to feel whole

The body no longer stands straight
The face looses its glow
Total weariness sets in
And begins to show

I just want a happy heart
Seems the evil's of this world
Have tried to destroy me
From the very start

Lord, I can't fight anymore
Here I am again
With my face to the floor

Flow over my very being
Speak Your Word unto me
And quiet this raging fire

As joy flows from Your love
My soul is being blessed
My spirit is at ease
Even the body is at rest

Now I sleep with peace of mind
When trouble comes again
I will reach as far as I can
And cling to the Master's hand

Judy L Wilson
November --- 2008

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beyond My Need


The time has come
To no longer worship
You with my lips
You want my heart
That spiritual intimacy
Between the bride
And the Groom
Loving You with words
No longer has room
Help me worship You
According to Your word
Letting go of everything
Ungodly that I ever heard
Feed this longing in my soul
That goes beyond my need
Rise up my Love
My One so fair
Set me as a seal
Upon Thine heart
Adorn me
With Your righteousness
Making me ready
To hear that sound
When all the betrothed
Will be glory bound !

Judy L Wilson
November --- 2008

The Last King

The Last King

You are the Alpha and Omega
The first and last King
Salvation is the song You sing
My heart hears the sound
Praising God
My name is written down
You are my Father
I gladly become Your child
I glory in the cross
Partake of Your daily bread
And become clean
Because of the blood You shed
My Father
As I sit and pray
Hold me close
Never let me stray
Keep me ever before You
Teaching me, guiding me
In all that I do
Let my eyes not see
Nor my ears hear
The call of the world
Even, every man, woman
Boy or girl
I feel Your Spirit so strong
The call has gone out
Come my children, come home
The days are growing short
Make your way while you can
Except the Lord Jesus
And gain your place
In the promise land
Listen to this Prince Of Peace
What a gift, He did bring
Salvation is the song He sings
Giving praise and honor
For the death and resurrection
Of the last King

JudyL Wilson
november --- 2008



He flew in from the streets
Big, black and sleek
He turned to his pards
We can take this yard

Do as you please
The feeder in the middle is mine
I can do this, with the greatest of ease
I sense it's one of a kind

He blustered and strutted
His posse joined in
Gave unspeakable squawks
Let the battle begin

They flew in from the east
Gathered along the fences and lines
and all joined together
Prayer was coming, it was time

Two by two they landed on the staff
Took their places along the feeder rim
Blackheart paraded, and began to laugh
The others knew, their future looked dim

Everyone agreed
They fought long and hard
This wasn't going to happen
Not, in our backyard

Blackheart saw his defeat
And decided to try the garden
Until he saw, what was coming
And knew, there would be no pardon!

Judy L Wilson.. April 16th, 2009

Lev 26:8 And five of you shall chase an hundred and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Of The Roses

The Last Of The Roses

The last of the roses
Watching every petal fall
Turning into great drops of blood
That ran down the thorny spine
And pooled at the base of the bush
Like a child, i wanted to dance
In the glossy lake
Bathe in the blood red flow
Eat and drink and rejoice
Glory to the Lamb of God
Worthy is the Lamb
Wash us white as snow
Lord the world has to know
You are the King
You are the President
As i write and taste
The salt of my tears
Do the children
Of the world have time
Lord, do we have years

Judy L Wilson
october ---- 2008

No Matter How Small

It was a walk
I had taken many times
To talk with God
Was on my mind
So tired, burdened with care
Was there anyone, anywhere
Lord, can't You see
I've gone my limit
Tell them Lord
They've got to quit it
I cook and clean
Wash their clothes
Stand on my feet
All day long
Lord, I've had two strokes
I'm not very strong
I know You hear
The prayers of all
No matter how big
No matter how small
Yes, the tears are falling
Now I'm just bawling
I'm sorry Lord
Guess I'm getting old
I know You've tracked every tear
Down to the time and year
How many times
Have You soothed my heart
And gave me a fresh start
I'll get a grip
Just a momentary slip
You're always there to listen
Judy ?
I know, I'm forgiven !!

Judy L Wilson
October ---- 2008

Fall Blessings


My love for trees
Basking in glow
A stunning display
As they wait for snow

To stand on a mountain
And cry in awe
Thank You sweet Lamb
What a gift to all

To see an old dirt road
Winding through
The forest floor
Leaves falling gently

Floating, dancing
Every brilliant hue
Such a blessing
This small part of You

The wind blows softly
What beautiful music
This rustling sound

Enjoy the wondrous colors
Soon, they can't be found

The dew fell like crystal
That early morn
Every part of the mountain
Seemed to be adorned

I love this time of day
Special moments
With our Lord
To behold such splendor
With my King ,our Adored !!

Judy L Wilson
september --- 2008

Holding Jesus

Holding Jesus

Nonnie, do you mean
When we're holding the bible
We're holding Jesus
Out of the mouths of babes

Does it hurt Him
To hear us say
We can't feel His presence
When we can partake
Of His very essence

O' my beautiful Star
You're never very far
Written upon the pages
A Rock that is ageless

Our written lullaby
Our soothing balm
Life's giving Water
Our Anchor and Altar

The Father of all man
And we can cradle Him
In the palm of our hand

This really brings it home
We can hold the King
That sits upon the throne

Sometimes I think
My granddaughter's are genius
Nonnie, do you mean
When we're holding the bible
We're holding Jesus !!

Written by Judy Wilson
September- 2008
For Brianna Hope, age 9
Maura Faith age 4

Small Wooden Cross


Sitting quietly looking at the tree
Everyone asleep except for me
Thinking, is this all that we see

There among the twinkling lights
Hung a small wooden cross
Through my mind flew the thoughts
The meaning of Christmas is such a loss

We let our minds wander
To parties, presents and such
Why aren't we thinking of Baby Jesus
Is that asking too much

When He lay in the manger
He was thinking of you and me
That's why He was crucified
So all the world would see

You can't say His name
In courthouses, schools and stores
But Christmas without Christ
Is not Christmas anymore

God forgive us, for we have sinned
Help us put Christ
Back in Christmas again

Thank You Jesus, for the gentle reminder
Thank You Jesus, for letting me see
As I sit quietly looking at the tree
And the small wooden cross !!!

Written by judy wilson
Patricia A Moore
Gerti Blackwell

The Old Christmas Star

Beautiful, beautiful star
I'll put high atop my tree
And tell
All my friends and family
What this old star
Means to me

How I walked into the room
On a cold winters night
How the star
Was shining so bright
How the whole tree
Was bathed
In golden firelight

I'll tell them how
The star seemed to know
And how each point
Shined a light
On the branches below

How hanging on every limb
Were ornaments
Of Jesus in the manger
And how I realized
I had been such a stranger

There on my knees
I remembered
Why God put the star
That could be seen
Both near and far

Not to be worshiped
But to guide the way
To where
Our dear Saviour lay

Yes I will tell my
My family and friends
How Jesus can save you
How He can heal every scar
And how He reminded me
Through the old Christmas star !

Judy L Wilson
august --- 2007

Come Home


You could hear her sob
Her life's not right with God
Her clothes are filthy
She eats decaying food
Her sleep is filled with dread
As she tosses and turns
Upon her sinful bed
Her leadership is blind
Wearing armor of mortal man
No longer crafted
By the Master's hand
She's tired of the carnal mind
Open, my Jesus, the oil and wine
Hear the cries of the remnant
Make haste !
The call for repentance
Bathe her !
With Your blood bought flow
So all mankind will know
America is not tossed
By every wind of doctrine
She is our home
Placing Jesus back
As our Cornerstone !

Judy L Wilson
September 2008

His Name Is David


How dare life go on
When we feel such pain
Life should stand still
That's how we feel
We go through our days
Sometimes we forget
When dawning appears
We feel as if we're drowning
In a storm of tears
Such brokenness, inside of us
Is he really gone
Because we can't see
Because we can't touch
We can see you standing tall
In full cowboy gear
Then again, come the tears
Our pain is a little
Different from others
You left Mike and I
Your sister and brother
If we could, we would ask
Is He beautiful
Tell us of His love so sweet
Tell us how you felt
When you cast your crown
At His feet
Tell us when
We can see you again
Answers to be found
When we get to heaven
Now you have a brand new name
In your heavenly haven
But to Mike and I
His name is David

Judy L Wilson

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Crimson Wing

On Crimson Wing

Beautiful redbird on crimson wing
Unknowing of the joy you bring
Sent to me out of indigo days
And terrifying nights
A family awakened by screams
Of a reoccurring dream
Depression thought he'd won
But satan had to run
Because Sarah's daughter
Knew the Son
I lay at His feet
I buried my face
In the hem of His garment
I grabbed His hands
He opened His arms
And i let Him hold me
O' my Saviour
My Lord, my King
Sweet Jesus, the hope you bring
You led me to a window
That long ago spring
To see a lovely color
My beautiful redbird , on crimson wing!

Judy L Wilson

O' Beautiful Sunflower

O' beautiful sunflower
With your golden crown
Green mammoth leaves
That protect and surround
Nestled among others
Yet you humbly bow
Reminding me of
The church somehow
Praying that the stem
Will wither and die
So the seed
Will fall in Spirit
And nothing of, i

Judy L Wilson
JUNE... 2008

Fall Blessings


My love for trees
Basking in glow
A stunning display
As they wait for snow

To stand on a mountain
And cry in awe
Thank You sweet Lamb
What a gift to all

To see an old dirt road
Winding through
The forest floor
Leaves falling gently

Floating, dancing
Every brilliant hue
Such a blessing
This small part of You

The wind blows softly
What beautiful music
This rustling sound

Enjoy the wondrous colors
Soon, they can't be found

The dew fell like crystal
That early morn
Every part of the mountain
Seemed to be adorned

I love this time of day
Special moments
With our Lord
To behold such splendor
With my King ,our Adored !!

Judy L Wilson
september --- 2008


Where is the fear of the Lord
Will there ever be one accord
Where are the anointed preachers
The Spirit filled teachers
We don't want to offend anyone
With the true and living word
Most would rather live on
Just what they've heard
Do we answer to our Maker
Are we a giver or a taker
Do we go to those in need
Or do we wish them, God's speed
Do we say to the sick
Take up thy bed and walk
Or do we give them, a lot of talk
Are we guilty in the eyes of God
Have we been spared the rod
Judgement day is coming
Are our lamps full of oil
Are we tired, of all the toil
When the clouds split wide open
We aren't going to leave
On wishin and a hope'n
Do we look to the eastern sky
Are we ready to die
When Jesus was sent from above
There's a flip side to God's love
Eternal torment
Lest we repent!
Are we doing all we're told to
I can only answer for me
But I do know, Jesus loves you!

Judy L Wilson
May ... 2008

Heart Shaped Leaves

Heart Shaped Leaves

The vine with its beautiful heart shaped leaves
Twined its way along the side
And across the top of the arbor swing
She sat, the old wood creaked
As she tucked one foot under
And pushed off with the other
Gliding with the peaceful sway
Thinking of another, long ago day
She knew there was a God
But never read His word
Never had any faith
Believed what she heard
With head bowed
Much shame and tears
Asking God to forgive her
For her faithless years
Now that she's older
And forgiven her youth
She thanks God
For showing her truth
Lifting her head
All has been said
Her heart is intertwined
With the true and living vine
Pushing off one more time
Gliding with the peaceful sway
There in the gentle breeze
Looking up at the heart shaped leaves

Judy L Wilson
April... 2008

He Said No

I asked God
If I could borrow
Time from tomorrow
To see if the decisions I made
This hour, would cause much sorrow
He said no !
Sufficient for the day
Is its own trouble
I asked God if I could
Just go back
Do it all different
Right all the wrongs
He said no!
You're where you belong
I asked God
Where do I go from here
How do I turn it all around
He said
In my grace do you abound
I asked God to remove the sword
He said no !
There is consequence to sin
I will show you how to begin
Till the ground
Plant lots of seeds
Share Me with others
Do it with love
From my Father above
And watch your garden grow
I am the past
I am the present
I am the future
I am all things
Peace I bring to you
So lift up your head
You've been covered
By the blood of a King
I forgive you everything !

Judy L Wilson
March... 2008

Forgive The Wrong


Woe to those that have
Become as the Pharisees
That won't step out
Of their religious box
Woe to those that
Stand on high ground
And won't get into a ditch
To save an ox
Woe to those that preach religion
That will send you straight to hell
In the end, to have it all fail
Thy terribleness hath decieved thee,
And the pride of thine heart,
O thou that dwellest
In the clefts of the rock,
That holdest the height of the hill;
Though thou shouldest make
Thy nest as high as the eagle,
I will bring you down
From there saith the Lord!
Woe to the congregation
That listens to easy words
Woe to those that believe the sermon
Where there's no cross or faith heard
Woe to those that
Are full of dead mans bones
Forgive us, the word
Is rarely opened in our homes
Woe to the time spent
Trying to get them through the door
Forget about our knees to the floor
Woe to the raffle that fills the seat
Only to have them
Take what is offered and retreat
A hotdog, a coke and a bag of ice
When all we need
Is the manifested power of
In this i know where i belong
Please Lord Jesus, forgive the wrong

Judy L Wilson